90% of homeworkers drink on the job

90% of homeworkers drink on the job

  • Date: Thursday 17th December 2020
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Months of turbulence and for many the new concept of working from home has taken its toll on the UK workforce.

We were already aware that the number of AA subscriptions sky-rocketed in 2020 and that self-referrals for alcohol addiction to NHS services saw a significant increase.

In addition to that, latest statistics now show that a whopping 90% of UK homeworkers admit to having had a drink while on the clock.

Before the Covid restrictions, 29% of the workforce would regularly go for after-work drinks at the pub. Now, it seems, many of us have taken to drinking on our own.

Protecting.co.uk spoke to 1300 people who were all working at home due to Covid-19:

  • Have you had a drink during working hours while working at home? 90% said yes
  • Have you had a drink while working from home on more than one occasion? 87% said yes
  • Do you drink while working from home more than two times a week? 83% said yes
  • Have you consumed more alcohol during the pandemic than you did previously? 93% said yes

Alcohol dependency can have a devastating effect on individuals and families and while many don’t see the odd glass at lunchtime as a big issue, this habit can quickly spiral out of control.

What can employers do?

Seek the conversation with your employees and educate them about the impact alcohol-controlled substances can have on their general wellbeing and work performance.

You can use the SSG toolbox talk as a starting point which you can watch here. Try to engage on a level of support, rather than blame.

On the other hand, employers should also be clear on their zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking on duty. Ensure that your procedures are up-to-date and accessible, and that all employees are aware of the potential consequences of drinking whilst at work.

For more information on health and wellbeing in the workplace, sign up to our January masterclass here.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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