SSG Support 80 Day Challenge

SSG Support 80 Day Challenge

  • Date: Monday 16th May 2011

Could you walk, jog, swim or run around the world in just 80 days?  That’s what a group of individuals from Plymouth are hoping to do in order to raise funds for the Precious Lives Appeal for Children’s Hospice South West. 

The group which is made up of colleagues, friends and family have been set the challenge of completing just under 25000 miles in 80 days through a variety of methods including walking, running, cycling, rowing, dancing, swimming and aerobics.  Unfortunately mileage accumulated in a car, train, motorcycle or aeroplane cannot be counted!

The mammoth trek began on 13th May and involves individuals reporting on a daily basis the steps they clock up on a pedometer.  Progress will be reported on a weekly basis and the team location will be mapped as they move around the world.  The route will go through Europe and through the Middle East, aiming to be in  Asia by June and the USA by the start of July. 

Organiser Kim Moody said: 'We devised this idea about travelling around the world to give us all a real challenge –  although we’re not actually travelling the globe, we have a real visual representation of our achievements.  We know its not going to be easy but hey it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was!’  We’ve team members of all ages and all fitness levels – through commitment and by working together as a team we hope to successfully complete the challenge within the 80 days and raise money for a very worthy cause’

As many of the participants are team members of local firm SSG Training and Consultancy, the company will be supporting the initiative and helping to raise both the profile of the event and  helping with fundraising where possible.  Managing Director Mark Salmon believes this to be a wonderful challenge to support. ‘This challenge is beneficial in so many ways  - not only will it help raise funds for a wonderful cause but it will also help promote health and fitness for our team, their friends and their family.  This is a fantastic challenge and one that will benefit both our immediate team and the wider community.’

Judy Pride, local Fundraiser for Children’s Hospice South West told us, ” This is probably one of the most ambitious challenges that a group has taken on and I am really excited to see how the miles mount up each week. Every penny raised through this challenge will take us one step nearer to our goal of £5 million and will help us stride towards the final £400,000 we need”

For more information about the challenge visit the facebook page Around the World in 80 Days,, view the weekly posts on the ssg website.  You can also donate or sponsor the challenge team by visiting

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