The dreaded 'A' word

The dreaded 'A' word

  • Date: Tuesday 17th December 2019
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Do you conduct appraisals in your organisation?

Are your performance reviews annual tick-box exercises dreaded by both employees and managers?

For years, our consultants have been recommending alternatives to the old-fashioned way of talking about performance, and it seems there is now some statistical evidence that new ways of appraising are the way forward, with 74% of organisations reporting a reluctance by staff to engage in formal processes.

Adopting a more ‘grown-up’ approach of catching up and setting objectives rather than meeting formally and criticising work, makes people feel more appreciated and treated like valued members of the team.

How to achieve this:

Ask your team members how they would like to reflect on what they have achieved. Some might prefer regular catch-ups. Some may be happy with more formal meetings and some may enjoy rolling objectives that are self-set and reviewed via KPIs.

Team reviews can add an element of community spirit and also give you the opportunity to discuss general business updates at the same time.

Whatever you do, as long as objectives are SMART and the conversation is a positive one, employees will prefer a more person-centred approach.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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