How To Performance Manage Your Apprentice

How To Performance Manage Your Apprentice

  • Date: Monday 20th May 2019
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If you employ apprentices, you may already know that sometimes you have to adopt a slightly more hands-on approach when it comes to managing their performance. Don’t forget that most apprentices don’t have a lot of experience of the working environment and are still finding their feet – socially and professionally.

But sometimes, stern words won’t do the trick and you may have to resort to more formal proceedings to manage their performance.

In general terms, apprentices operate under the same policies and procedures as your employees. However, there are some additional steps you will have to consider:

  • Ensure that the apprentice has a contract of employment AND an apprenticeship contract with the college. You should have sight of the college agreement. The terms and conditions of employment should be for a fixed term, ideally linked to the expiry date of the college contract. Don’t forget to review this and issue contract amendments, should dates change through extensions etc.
  • Maintain open communication with the training provider, including attending meetings and reviews when required. Investing this time is vital when it comes to building strong relationships and managing performance.
  • The provider should inform you of any issues the apprentice has on their course. Equally, you should flag any performance issues with the training provider.
  •  Regularly discuss progress with the apprentice. They should take responsibility for their learning but may need a little help.
  • Engage with the parents of underaged apprentices. Although you are not permitted to discuss their children without prior consent, once approached it is highly advisable to keep communication open. If your apprentice requests for parents to be present at any formal capability meetings, we would recommend you grant this request in the interest of positive communication.
  • Ensure you follow your full processes and procedures from day one! Apprentices benefit from increased projection in terms of instant dismissal, so you can’t take short-cuts when it comes to managing their performance. Please follow the full three-stage ACAS approved process

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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