SSG Pledge Less Plastic

SSG Pledge Less Plastic

  • Date: Wednesday 6th June 2018

Tuesday 5 June 2018 marked World Environment Day, an annual event which encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment. 

Supporting the day, members of SSG chose to 'Pledge Less Plastic' in their own ways. Some have given up the 'Big Four' plastics: bags, bottles, disposable coffee cups and straws. Others chose to make their own pledges, including giving up buying supermarket plastic-wrapped meat, using less clingfilm and giving up plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables. 

The global community got involved on social media using the trending hashtags: #PledgeLessPlastic, #BeatPlasticPollution and #WorldEnvironmentDay.

For more information on World Environment Day and for ways to get involved in reducing harmful plastics, visit:

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