SSG Raising Height Safety Awareness

SSG Raising Height Safety Awareness

  • Date: Monday 14th June 2010

SSG Training and Consultancy are highlighting the dangers of working at heights this month after recent statistics showed ‘Falls from Heights’ continues to be the biggest cause of major injury and fatality in the workplace and particularly within the construction sector.


Although the figures have not officially been released, in the year to April 2010 there were believed to be 35 construction-related deaths according to rolling fatality data published by the Health and Safety Executive – 21 of which were as a result of Falls from Heights. The numbers of injuries caused by this type of incident remain in their thousands.


Fall statistics show that its actually the ones from low level that are greatest in number, produce the most injuries - even fatalities – and are the hardest to address. The main reason is the poor awareness of the low-level fall’s potential for injury. Most people, when placed on a leading edge 15m above concrete, are fully aware of their situation, but they will happily jump onto a flatbed trailer to assist in roping down or unloading, with no thought of the potential of a fall.

Mark Salmon, Managing Director of SSG Training and Consultancy is keen to promote continual improvement in the management of safety on site with particular emphasis on addressing the issues surrounding falls from heights. ‘We are pleased the numbers of accidents and fatalities have fallen but statistics still remain too high. Of particular concern are the incidents from heights that could be easily prevented through correct training and safe working procedures. It is our intention to continue to encourage ongoing improvements in site safety to ensure that we see year on year improvements.’

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