Vehicle Regulator Launches Scheme to Prove Standards Compliance

Vehicle Regulator Launches Scheme to Prove Standards Compliance

  • Date: Friday 18th May 2018
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Under a new online safety scheme, companies operating fleets of lorries or buses will see fewer roadside inspections if they regularly share their data with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The “earned recognition scheme” has been launched following a year-long pilot involving more than 60 commercial vehicle operators from various sectors and marks a shift in approach from DVSA.

The scheme aims to reward operators who are serious about road safety, and is designed to allow the DVSA to target more of its dwindling resources at higher-risk operators, drivers and vehicles that put other road users at risk.

Organisations with fleets of vehicles must undergo a third party audit, then share performance information, such as MOT pass rates and whether drivers have broken tachograph rules. 

In return, their vehicles are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections, saving them time and money. However, the DVSA has said it will still stop vehicles if they are in an obviously dangerous condition.

Operators who join the scheme will be given a logo to use on their website and other publicity materials, and be recognised as a DVSA-approved operator through a list published on the official government website,

Source: Healthandsafetyatwork

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