Are We Addicted to Being Busy?

Are We Addicted to Being Busy?

  • Date: Thursday 22nd February 2018
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A recent survey found that 1 in 3 Brits take regular breaks when at work, but less than half of us utilise this time for a real break. 52% of respondents reported they use their downtime to shop, make phone calls or run errands.

Using break times to recover from computer work or high-pressured work can boost performance in the long run. Think of brain breaks as rest stops on a motorway!


Changing the Habit

In a world of deadlines and multi-tasking, it can be hard to change habits and return to doing one thing at a time.

Creating a new routine can help create new, healthy habits. You should stick to these routines for at least 3 weeks religiously, before they become a habit:

  • Go for a walk at lunchtime. This doesn’t have to be long – just 10 minutes will make a huge difference. Stick to this whatever the weather!
  • Switch off phones, TV and computers while eating. Have a conversation with co-workers instead.
  • Enjoy the silence on your way home. Medical studies have shown that you can boost brain growth in the hippocampus area, leading to better memory, by switching off background noise.
  •       Schedule in time to complete your personal errands at the beginning or end of your day. That way, you can enjoy your work breaks without thinking about all the things you could organise right now.

Source: Manuela Grossmann, SSG

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