Employee Responsibilities After Wannacry Ransomware Attack

Employee Responsibilities After Wannacry Ransomware Attack

  • Date: Tuesday 23rd May 2017
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The Wannacry ransomware attack which attacked 10,000 organisations worldwide and affected much of the UK’s NHS network was stopped in its tracks accidentally by the registering of a new domain, which acted as a ‘kill switch.’  However this action was not taken in time to stop many huge organisations from being significantly impacted.


The attack is not just “an IT problem” as all members of staff are involved.  Workplaces networks are only as secure as their weakest user.  Senior managers need to advise their employees of good practices such as:


  • Only opening e-mails from trusted sources
  • Ensure Windows updates are allowed to run
  • Be cautious when opening attachments (even from trusted sources) – if in doubt check with IT
  • Choose secure passwords

Managers can should remind employees of these key points and refresh employee awareness of the IT Policy team briefs or toolbox talks.


Source: SSG, Gavin Parrott

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