What does Hinkley C mean to the South West

What does Hinkley C mean to the South West

  • Date: Monday 17th October 2016

Britain has finally given the go-ahead for a £18.1 billion nuclear power plant ending months of uncertainty that has been straining UKs relationship with China. However, Prime Minister, Theresa May's government signalled it would take a more cautious approach in future over foreign investment in big infrastructure projects than her predecessor David Cameron.


For the South West this is fantastic news and local people and businesses are starting to get fired up. Various consortia have won business to date; HOST, a joint venture from Taunton, Western and Yeovil won the £150m contract to manage the temporary accommodation where up to 15000 workers can sleep.


In addition to the consortia, other south west-based businesses have already won contracts, such as Chippenham’s M+W Group (design, engineering and construction) and Bideford’s TCi (GB) (building fit-outs).


In total, contracts worth over £465m have already been awarded to companies in the South West, creating hundreds of jobs. Over the lifetime of the project, it is estimated that around 25,000 job opportunities will be created; the South West will benefit massively from this.


This lasting investment in Somerset’s future is vital, because Hinkley Point C is more than just a construction project, more than just a new nuclear power station. The construction will be finished in ten years, but the investment made in terms of skills, jobs and companies will last for many decades.


Source: SSG - Dr Michael Cash

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