Bundles More Training from SSG

Bundles More Training from SSG

  • Date: Tuesday 12th May 2009

We are pleased to announce, that due to popular demand, we have extended our Training Bundles package. We have also introduced a new range of courses to the portfolio to enable even more clients to gain maximum benefit from their training budgets.

Training Bundles are specifically designed to help those who are keen to develop and improve workplace health and safety and maintain competence levels, but without overstretching limited resources. By booking three or more training courses at the same time companies receive a substantial saving in return.

Mark Salmon, Managing Director of SSG Training and Consultancy, confirms that \'Feedback received from clients is very clear. Training bundles are proving to be extremely useful to comapnies during this difficult time. Well trained individuals are key to a safe workplace. Our clients are able to establish and further develop a safe working environment whilst still staying within budget\'.

For more information on our new Training Bundles, please contact our Customer Care Team on 08700 43 47 43 or email contact@ssg.co.uk.

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