Restaurant Owner Guilty of Manslaughter

Restaurant Owner Guilty of Manslaughter

  • Date: Monday 6th June 2016

A restaurant owner has been convicted of manslaughter when a customer with a peanut allergy died after eating a meal containing peanut powder.


Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

“This is a truly tragic case in which Paul Wilson lost his life entirely needlessly. Mohammed Zaman directly caused the death of Mr Wilson by causing him to be served a meal that he knew contained potentially lethal peanut powder. Zaman substituted almond powder with a cheaper ground nut mix, which contained peanuts. He failed to warn customers, failed to properly train his employees and failed to take any action following a previous serious allergic reaction. These failures led to Mr Wilson’s death."


In this conviction, the CPS has sent a very clear message to the catering industry: there is a duty of care to your customers. If you ignore your responsibilities and regulations and put lives at real risk then we will not hesitate to prosecute.


Source: SSG - Dr Michael Cash


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