NEBOSH National General Certificate - Not Just for Safety Managers!

NEBOSH National General Certificate - Not Just for Safety Managers!

  • Date: Tuesday 10th March 2015

A recent article in the NEBOSH Newsletter has highlighted the increasing popularity of the NEBOSH National General Certificate for those working outside of the safety sector.  
The NEBOSH National General Certificate is the most widely held health and safety qualification in the UK. In fact, the 175,000th person to pass this qualification has just received their results!

Its popularity is built on its continued relevance and recognition in the workplace. Employers want staff members to understand the requirements of health and safety law and be able to identify and control workplace hazards. The National General Certificate is designed to deliver this and gives students the opportunity to practically apply their knowledge too.

Interestingly 75% of respondents to our latest National General Certificate survey were employed in roles whose primary function was not health and safety. When asked about this NEBOSH Chief Executive Teresa Budworth said: “I believe employers now see health and safety management as more of a strategic role. Whilst the National General Certificate remains an important stepping stone to a career as a health and safety specialist, more and more employers regard it as core qualification for general management.” 

SSG can provide further evidence to these findings when looking at the most recent candidates attending our open training courses.  Amongst the attendees were Directors, Security Managers, Education Officers, Production Managers and Event Coordinators.  An interesting mix of individuals who provided many and varied examples of successful safety management. 

Students who pass the qualification rate the course highly. In our last survey, 98% of respondents would recommend NEBOSH training to others. In the last NEBOSH student survey, respondents were asked if passing had had a positive impact on their working life. Over half said it had, which is impressive considering that the survey was only sent to students who had got their result in the previous 12 months.

The positive effects that were cited by respondents are detailed below (some have had more than one positive outcome):
Answer options %
Promotion 7
Salary increase 9
More responsibility 27
Change of job role 18
Membership of a professional body 11
Other 7

For more information on studying the NEBOSH National General Certificate visit our website, email or call our customer service team on 01752 201616.

Source: NEBOSH Official Newsletter

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