Is unlimited holiday the way forward?

Is unlimited holiday the way forward?

  • Date: Friday 26th November 2021
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Log a vacancy on a job board nowadays and you will be given the option to offer ‘unlimited holiday’ as part of your package.

Few companies in the UK are currently adopting this approach, made famous by Virgin several years ago. But it is a trend  that seems to be catching on in the USA and has now been branded ‘click bait’ by HR professionals.

The concept is simple: achieve your goals and objectives – no matter how long it takes you – if you’re quicker to finish, you can take more time off.

So far so good, and arguable organisations may see this as a great way to achieve work-life balance in a very competitive recruitment market.

However, downsides of this approach are:

  • Operational needs – if your customers need ad-hoc support and their contact is frequently on leave, this may impact on customer experience.
  • Peer pressure – do people really feel they can take time off, no questions asked?
  • Working… while not working  there have been reports of employees sitting on the beach while answering emails. This can cause mental wellbeing issues, when it is unclear if they are expected to work or not.
  • Lack of colleague support – this system focuses on personal performance, not team effort. There is no incentive to help others, which can have a negative impact on the team.


Managed well, employees report that taking off as much time as they want makes them feel more independent and driven. There have been few reports of people displaying a lack of care or ambition – employees don’t tend to go overboard.

If limitless holiday is something you are considering, please do ask us for advice and guidance since monitoring processes and policies will have to be carefully thought through.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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