How to improve worker productivity

Published Nov 22, 2023

Research tells us that on an average employees use only 60% of their potential productivity!

In each organisation and for each individual employee there will be varying causes and factors that inhibit productivity and output. But there are some simple methods and tools available that you can apply in your workplace and share with managers and employees to help boost productivity and deliver better results for your organisation.

Steps for increasing employee productivity:

  • Set clear goals and targets – communicate clear expectations to individuals and teams. Check they understand what is required. Remember, each goal should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timebound).

  • Reduce large tasks down to smaller tasks – set daily, achievable objectives that are “bite size” and then review completion either the next day or at the end of the week. The employee will then see their personal achievements and managers will know projects are on track.

  • Enable flexibility – encourage employees to break the monotony of eight hours sat at their desk or risk impacting on their physical and mental health. Consider standing desks, hourly stretching exercises, lunchtime walks and breakout areas with tabletop games.

  • Remove distractions – we all know the impact of phones and apps which risk undermining the quality and quantity of work. Recommend employees put their phones on sleep mode or install apps such as Fauna which enable you to set timers for a task. If you don’t open any apps an “e-plant” grows!

  • Review performance – when an employee knows their tasks or work will be reviewed by a manager or a peer it will apply enough pressure to deliver work to a higher standard. The review process also enables a feedback loop leading to continuous improvement.

  • Enable work and life balance – encourage employees to strike a balance where they have enough quality time with friends and family to enable them to focus and deliver during work time.

  • Focus on health – health and productivity are interrelated. There is a correlation between how healthy an employee is and their productivity. They rise or fall together. Consider health insurance schemes for your workforce. Consider team walking breaks, stand up desks, free fruit, gym memberships, swimming pool passes, yoga and veggie box vouchers.