SSG colleagues put on their walking boots!

Published Sep 07, 2023

As an organisation we are always looking for ways to improve employee wellbeing and create a strong sense of community within the team. As a way of achieving this we have implemented our monthly SSG Go Walking event, which combines low intensity exercise and team bonding.
As part of our SSG Wellbeing initiative, working in line with our Wellbeing Forum, our SSG Go Walking event is open to all employees, as well as their families and furry friends. Organised by team members, Laura and Sarah, previous walks have taken them to locations including Sheepstor, Cann Woods and Saltram House, often featuring pasties and treats.

The walks currently take place after work but as we move into Autumn and Winter, they will be scheduled for Sundays to avoid darker evenings and encourage more to attend.
SSG Go Walking has had a good turnout from both staff and family members, and whilst we often have our regular attendees, we are also seeing an increase in new participants each month. Keep an eye out on social media for pictures from our next walk on Wednesday 27th September!
Laura Haylock commented “SSG go walking is a great opportunity to get out, blow away the cobwebs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings we have on our doorstep in Devon. It’s not just about walking; it’s about creating a healthy, happier and more connected workplace and a great way to build new friendships. Everyone is welcome and we have tried to plan a variety of routes to suit all fitness levels!”

How can events improve your employees’ wellbeing?
Events like these can significantly enhance employees’ personal wellbeing as they create lasting memories, enabling walkers to enjoy nature and nurture their connections with others. These relationships, can extend into the workplace, contributing to employee satisfaction and collaboration across different departments.

It is important to remember that employee satisfaction isn’t just about workplace tasks and responsibilities; it is about ensuring a healthy work-life balance and creating a positive wellbeing culture amongst your workforce.

Want to implement changes in your workplace? You could start by creating a Wellbeing Forum. Forums allow you to gain different perspectives from those “on the ground” regarding elements of your organisation as well as collating ideas on future activities. Encouraging your senior management teams to take a step back, listen, evaluate employee satisfaction and act shows the importance you place on your employees and their wellbeing. Have a think about what you can do for your staff in the run-up to Christmas!