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Rescue 3 Safe Working in Water

This course provides the knowledge and techniques for employees who need to work in or near water. It covers appropriate PPE and simple rescue techniques to allow safe rescue from water and gives simple rescue techniques that can be used to rescue co-workers.Course-programme


  • Planning for rescue
  • Training standards and legislation
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Hydrology and water hazards
  • Personal equipment
  • Technical and team equipment
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe systems of work
  • Medical and decontamination considerations
  • Considerations for night / poor visibility operations
  • Communications


  • Swiftwater swimming techniques
  • Conditional rescues - talk, reach, throw
  • Shallow water techniques
  • Strainer swim
  • Tethered boat options
  • Casualty management
  • People and equipment entrapments


We are able to offer dates for this course in partnership with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. The fee per delegate is £322 plus VAT. 

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  • Start date: Thursday 1st January 1970 (01:00)
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