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Managing Remotely

Many workplaces are now faced with having to manage in a new environment, keeping in touch with employees who work from home or at remote locations. Not seeing people can lead to gaps in communication, misunderstandings and potentially a disengaged workforce, impacting on productivity and efficiency.

This two-hour module will explore the benefits and pitfalls of managing people remotely, as well as providing learners with an overview of what to watch out for and how to tackle the most common leadership issues when it comes to managing remotely.  This module is suitable for anyone leading teams or individuals remotely.


  • How is leading remotely different to leading in person?
  • Trust and delegation
  • Motivation, reward and teambuilding
  • Ensuring work-life balance and good mental health
  • Digital burnout and how to avoid it
  • Objective setting - then and now


Open Courses - The fee per delegate is £80 plus VAT

Private Courses - If you have 6 or more delegates a private course at a venue of your choice may be a more suitable and cost effective option. Contact our Customer Service Team on 01752 201616 for more information.


This module can be combined with other subjects for a half or full day course.  Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.


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