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City & Guilds 6160-09 Level 2 Award in Entrant and Entry Controller for Confined Spaces (Medium Risk)

The City & Guilds Training Scheme 6160 is the Water Industry Standard. All water companies participated in the formulation of this scheme to ensure that training quality is consistent and accepted nationally. Candidates who successfully complete higher-level training, up to CG6160-03, will automatically be accredited with lower risk schemes.

This course is designed for medium risk confined spaces, in line with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for working in confined spaces. (NC1, NC2, NC3 – see below).

Low Risk Confined Space – NC1 Classification

Low risk shallow entry with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation, where access is simple and unobstructed and there is no likely risk of flooding; for example: meter pits, valve chambers, booster-pumping stations, PRV chambers.

Medium Risk Confined Space – NC2 Classification

Vertical direct unobstructed access with continuous attachment to a man-riding hoist or similar mechanical rescue device.

Medium Risk Confined Space – NC3 Classification

When it is not possible to have persons permanently attached to a safety line. Usually, it will be a team entry which moves away from the entry point; for example: man entry sewers, utility service subway tunnels, aqueducts and complex wet walls. Working without an attached rescue line and includes working away from the point of entry.

The CG6160-02 course includes the use of 15 minutes Emergency Life Support Apparatus (Escape Set) but does NOT qualify personnel in the use of full breathing apparatus.


  • Prepare to work safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit a confined space safely
  • Use equipment and tools safely
  • Follow working procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Understand the principles of working in medium risk confined spaces
  • Understand standard protocols for working in medium risk confined spaces

Please note: Delegates must be medically fit and healthy, have reached the age of 18. Candidates will be wearing full body harnesses and our safe working at height equipment has a safe working load of 136kg.


The fee per delegate is £425 plus VAT without Top Person training. Top Person training is available as a three-day course for an additional £575 plus VAT. 


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