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Behavioural Safety

Behavioural Change is the Key to Success
Behavioural safety is seen by many as the 'next step’ to improving risk control once robust safety management systems are in place. Traditional safety training has always focused on a safe workplace, safe people and safe equipment.  However even when companies have systems to deliver these components accidents still happen; the question is why?
SSGs Behavioural based programs are designed to provide answers to these questions and drive up safety performance. The programs we devise are employee led, supported by management and designed specifically to the aspirations and needs of your company.
Programme design is based on:
• Safety climate survey
• Review of incident and accident data
• Health and safety management system audit
• Management and employee focus group discussions
• Observations in the workplace
Programme may comprise:
• Supervision and coaching
• Observations in the workplace
• Employee workplace discussions and interactions
• Near miss, at risk behaviour, unsafe condition reporting
• Behavioural based training and coaching
What is common to all our clients is the desire to build on their current strengths while breaking new ground and driving safety performance to new heights. 
For more information on the behaviourall safety services that we can offer, please contact a member of our customer service team on 01752 201616.

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