Returning to structure

Returning to structure

  • Date: Thursday 17th December 2020
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2020 brought a whirlwind of activity for most organisations and most of us, whether we have acquired new business or lost some, have had to change the way we do things.

Usually, change like this happens organically: a job needs doing, so someone steps up to the plate. The risk of organic change is always that we lose our way and that lines get blurred. So as a new year’s resolution, we recommend taking a step back and strategically reviewing your work activities.

Review your job descriptions

The easiest way of doing this is to ask the jobholder to review their own. Ask each jobholder to look at the main performance criteria of their role and the requirements set out in their own person specification. Because who knows what they are doing on a day-to-day basis better than the team member themselves?

Spot the gaps and overlaps

Are you doubling-up on processes? Do different jobholders at different levels cover the same activities? Are there some work activities that have been squeezed into someone’s role, not because they sit well but because the individual gets on with it? Critically review your efficiencies and highlight those activities that are not being conducted effectively.

Round peg – square hole?

Are all team members still operating in a function that suits their skills and capabilities? Sometimes, when people are rushed through promotions or restructures, performance is affected, and you might end up an ‘underperforming over-achiever’. Speak to your team, review their objectives and spot any issues early, to ensure you are not losing anyone along the way.


People might have rolled up their sleeves over the past months – but are they all sufficiently qualified to conduct their duties? Technical and soft-skill training might be required. Let us know if we can help! SSG offer a broad range of health and safety and leadership training – to find out more, click here.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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