How to conduct remote inductions

How to conduct remote inductions

  • Date: Tuesday 15th September 2020
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With the rapid change to working practises for UK organisations during 2020, one of the biggest challenges to managers is how to successfully induct a new starter. 

In “ordinary times” starting a new job can be one of the most stressful things you can do but in a COVID-19 world the challenge of successfully introducing new starters to your culture, work colleagues, clients, tools and process can seem daunting for the manager and new starter alike.

However, there are several steps that an employer can take to plan an induction that alleviates a new starter’s anxieties and enables them to quickly make a positive contribution to the organisation.

Begin inductions before the start date

Send your new employee information about the company culture (e.g. newsletters, handbook, social events) before they start. Also send out information on any projects they will be working on as this will give them time to read up and feel better prepared for their first day.

Encourage communication

Arrange for the MD or a senior manager to call the new hire on day one to welcome them to the organisation and explain they are available to speak to at any time.  This will show the new starter your culture and immediately demonstrate that communication is meaningful and two way.

Be IT-ready

Ensure a new employee gets their IT set up quickly so that they have access to the resources they need for their role such as the company intranet, email account, messaging apps, video conferencing software and any other apps they need for their role. Such action will get the employee up and running quickly and assist their integration with the team.

Regular check-ins

To reduce feelings of isolation and help the new hire to feel part of a team ensure the line manager checks in with the employee at regular intervals. This will give the employee a chance to ask questions and the manager an opportunity to provide feedback and review progress. Schedule regular virtual team meetings and online coffee breaks to help establish a relationship with team members. It is also worth allocating the new starter a “buddy.”   Such steps can only have a positive effect on morale and performance.

Goal setting

Ensure managers set the new hire goals (performance and development related). This will drive regular interaction between employee and manager. This will be a forum for providing support and maintain motivation and productivity.

Source: Gavin Parrott    

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