Changes to DBS checks

Changes to DBS checks

  • Date: Friday 24th July 2020
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Youth and minor offences will no longer be visible in DBS checks, in an attempt to combat ex-offender discrimination.

Reports have flagged that often workers with cautions, reprimands or warnings are being denied employment, because employers either fear repercussions or don’t understand the law.

As an employer, you must only consider offences that directly relate to the person’s ability to do their job, when deciding to exclude them from your recruitment process.

These offences may include:

  • Any offences requiring the individual to sign the child sex offence register, if you work in an environment where they may be breaching restrictions.
  • Any offences relating to fraudulent activities, if the individual would be in a position of trust, handling cash or maintaining accounts.
  • Any unspent convictions for violent or fraudulent offences, if the individual would be required to come into contact with vulnerable people or children.

If you deny giving someone the job, or even dismiss them because they have been convicted of a criminal offence, you need to ensure that you are acting reasonably. Please contact your HR consultant for further advice, since rules and caselaw on this changes frequently.

For further information on the upcoming law changes, please click here.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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