It’s a ‘buyer’s market’ – Recruitment post-Corona

It’s a ‘buyer’s market’ – Recruitment post-Corona

  • Date: Tuesday 26th May 2020
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With redundancies hitting many organisations across the country, the skills shortage in the South West may soon ease.

For years, construction businesses in particular have suffered poor application rates and SMEs regularly put up with poor performance because the alternative would mean not having the manpower in place.

Going forward, the picture is likely to change dramatically as more qualified staff face unemployment and will be looking for new opportunities.

When recruiting, it is important employers still consider the following:

Has the role changed?

Review your services and ensure that job descriptions still reflect what you need to get done.

Are you about to, or have you recently, made people redundant?

Employees may be entitled to apply for any new roles. Any redundant positions shouldn’t be re-recruited into for a period of six months under normal circumstances – please ask your HR consultant for further guidance on this.

What’s your process and who should get involved?

Make sure that your questions are structured, fair and lawful and that you engage managers / supervisors in the process.

Be mindful that the first people to leave a business through redundancy are sometimes those that have been underperforming. Asking for references and focusing on questions that explore skills and experience can help you identify the right fit for your organisation.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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