Mental health in challenging times

Mental health in challenging times

  • Date: Friday 24th April 2020
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During these difficult times, employees’ metal health is an important consideration for any business for many reasons. For instance, employees are working remotely and may be feeling isolated, or key workers could be feeling anxious.

Here at SSG we have been running webinars on ‘Mental Health in Challenging Times’ to provide businesses and individuals with information and tips to support others and themselves. The webinar covers stress, introducing individuals to ‘what’s in your stress container?’. As well as this, we focus on the importance of effective communication with staff, colleagues, family and friends during the pandemic utilising video calling technology, and the importance of maintaining a routine and taking time for self-care.

The webinars have proven to be popular and great feedback has been received from attendees, with many remarking that they have left with a greater understanding of mental health - “it opened up discussions with my colleagues about mental health, and highlighted the importance of sharing how we are feeling especially during potentially long periods of working from home. It also covered how people experience and express stress and anxiety differently, which I thought was a good point to raise, to ensure we all know what to look out for”.

We have also begun to provide mental health courses via online face-to-face training, to ensure individuals are able to continue training and provide the right support to colleagues, friends and those around them.

For more information on our available webinars or mental health courses, please contact us on 01752 201616.

Source: Vicki Goucher

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