Culture more important than money for UK workers

Culture more important than money for UK workers

  • Date: Monday 20th April 2020
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Research published in April by Berwick Partners has shown that 85% of UK workers believe that company culture is more important than pay and financial reward.

For UK workers, culture is more important than wellbeing at work, career progression, organisational purpose and flexible working.

But this is in stark contrast to the percentage of employees who found the culture of their workplace did offer the support needed. 50% of workers said their company culture was “unsupportive.”

When considering the proportion of our time spent working it highlights the ongoing need for a positive and supportive culture.

Organisations are rightly pushing to improve wellbeing support and services in the workplace. But there still remains resistance to people accessing support for mental health offered by employers’ due to stigma and concerns that it would show as weakness.

The serves to demonstrate how an open, transparent culture with strong communication channels where managers at all levels offer ongoing support to their team members on challenging issues can build trust and loyalty across an organisation.

Further details of the research can be found here:

Source: Gavin Parrott

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