Engaging employees in organisational strategy

Engaging employees in organisational strategy

  • Date: Monday 17th February 2020
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Businesses constantly need to react to change in customer attitudes, technology and competition. The result is that employees need to be receptive to the strategic changes that will enable a business to respond, survive and thrive.  But how can an organisation help its teams to buy into its strategy?

The most important factors that undermine implementation of strategy are:

  • Lack of employee awareness
  • Lack of employee understanding 

This highlights the importance of internal communication that cascades through the organisation.

Good internal communication leads to increased employee satisfaction. Getting employees on board requires communication at the right time, in the right way and with the right message. Blanket communication is not the answer. Thought needs to be given to different employee motivators and the variety of viewpoints in the organisation. Employees will look to their line managers to deliver communication on strategy who can then ensure the team believe in it and understand how they can contribute to it every day.

Tips to engage employees in strategy

Appoint a communications co-ordinator – assign a team member the responsibility for planning and designing communication with the workforce as a part of their wider job role. Involve them at each stage so that messages reach all employees and reflect the needs of each group.

Determine communication methods – tactics to help improve communication on strategy in an organisation include:

  • Frequent and timely updates
  • Explaining operational decisions
  • Increased visibility of managers
  • A balanced tone and detail
  • Working groups to implement strategy

Clear explanation and information – ensure communications are honest and simple to follow. Research consistently shows that dishonesty is a reason for disengagement. Communications should focus on clear explanations of strategy with the information employees need to implement it. The language used should be understandable and easy to connect with.

Listen to feedback and viewpoints – ensure employees have the opportunities to provide positive feedback and to voice their concerns relating to the strategy. Make team meetings an opportunity for an open discussion rather than a one-way cascade of information. 

Recognition – ensure employees know how they are performing in relation to the strategy. By recognising and rewarding employees who adopt new behaviours and working methods aligned to the strategy it will reinforce the change and maintain employee engagement.

Source: HR News

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