Building Site Safety Alert Across the Region

Building Site Safety Alert Across the Region

  • Date: Thursday 24th March 2011

Almost half of the building sites in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall were dangerous according to inspectors who visited them during February and March.
Inspectors from the HSE visited 54 sites and inspectors issued enforcement notices at 25. Most of the notices related to unsafe work being carried out at height.
There were 272 injuries on buildings sites in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in 2009/10. Nationally, nearly three-quarters of all fatalities occur during refurbishment, repair and maintenance activities.
Joanna Teasdale, principal inspector for construction, said: "This was the fifth year of the inspection initiative and it is disappointing to find construction sites taking the same unnecessary risks with their workers' lives. Although there were examples of good practice, which the industry can learn from, the fact that we found unsafe conditions on almost half of sites is unacceptable.  Companies have a responsibility to protect their workers, to help rid construction of its reputation as being one of Britain's most dangerous industries."


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