BBC equal pay case sends clear message to employers

BBC equal pay case sends clear message to employers

  • Date: Tuesday 21st January 2020
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This month, courts ruled in favour of Samira Ahmed, who had submitted a well-publicised discrimination claim against the BBC. The ruling found that Samira’s job was similar to that of her colleague’s Jeremy Vine, but remuneration was dramatically different; Vine was paid £3000 per episode of Points of View, while Ahmed was paid £440 per episode of Newswatch.

Ahmed was one of 121 women to raise an equal pay claim against the BBC, and this landmark ruling means a sharp shift in expectations on employers.

Although legal advisors say that similar claims may not be successful due to the complex nature of the issue, the London Central Tribunal pointed out that the BBC was unable to evidence a “(…) transparent and consistent process for evaluating and determining pay (…)”. This means that the burden of proof lies to a great extent with the employer.

What to do next

You will have been told by your HR consultant that a clear organisational structure is important when it comes to employee engagement and management.

If you have already established reporting lines and job descriptions, evaluating the roles within your organisation will be easy.

We recommend applying a set of criteria, such as level of education, experience, skill and affiliations, required for each role. Scoring each role or establishing a grading structure then makes it simple to compare pay and benefits of individuals working in similar roles.

It is worth remembering that even organisations who are not subject to equal pay reporting must still apply fair and transparent processes when it comes to the remuneration of their employees.

Should you require advice and guidance on how to achieve full compliance, please contact your Advisor team.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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