Attention spans shortened

Attention spans shortened

  • Date: Tuesday 21st January 2020
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Recent research has shown that the human attention span has shortened dramatically, and we now lose concentration six minutes into a mental task. This includes presentations and training, as well as project work. According to specialists, to blame are mobile devices, hard-and-fast media and the way in which we work with technology.

What does this mean?

Project work – In order to support your employees with project tasks, encourage them to find their own best way of achieving concentration. For some, this might mean lone working in a quiet environment. Paradoxically, many employees prefer background noise such as music, while others enjoy being in an office with company. We’re all different. Set clear objectives and judge the outcome, not the way in which they are being achieved.

Presentations – Keep things light and appeal to all learning types. Make sure that presentations aren’t causing ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ but are engaging and light. Story-telling helps. Handouts are a great addition. Use videos and audio recordings if you can. Most importantly, keep it short and relevant!

Training – Classroom learning can be exhausting, especially for those not used to sitting down all day. Take frequent breaks in the shape of energiser activities or group work. Engage your audience by making it about them, not about you. A workshop-type approach or even a location that isn’t a classroom can help invigorate delegates and keep wandering minds captured.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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