Digital Burnout on the Turn?

Digital Burnout on the Turn?

  • Date: Tuesday 22nd October 2019
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It seems the new generation are recognising the dangers of digital burnout – and are taking action!

What is ‘Digital Burnout’?

The term describes the negative impact technology can have on our mental and physical health, with symptoms including restlessness, cognitive issues, emotional fatigue and spells of anxiety or stress.

Digital burnout occurs when we are unable to switch off (metaphorically and literally) and instead let electronics take over our lives; consequently, impacting on our relationships, work performance and social activity.

What is the trend? 

Over the past year, we have seen a steady increase in reports of employees answering calls and emails during their holidays and on their days off. Mental health statistics show that stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise and digital mis-management has been named as one of the main contributors to bad mental health.

Latest statistics however show that the new generation bucks the trend, with 1 in 5 teenagers deleting social media apps from their mobile devices.

48% of kids and teenagers under 18 report that they feel they spend too much time on social media, and 52% feel they constantly need to check updates to stay connected with the outside world.

However, 17% have now acted and are self-limiting their screen time.

What can you do?

Creating a culture of measuring performance based on outcomes, not presenteeism, is a great start to positive digital management. Don’t expect your staff to answer emails out of hours and set an example yourself by switching off. It is also a good idea to provide business mobiles, which are not used privately, to set stricter boundaries of email use. Social media accounts, WhatsApp and texting can be a great way to connect with employees socially but do make sure that they are not used for work communication outside of working hours.

Our Health and Wellbeing programme has a whole section dedicated to digital burnout – please contact our customer service team if you are interested in this service.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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