A Third of Employees Feel Ignored by Management

A Third of Employees Feel Ignored by Management

  • Date: Monday 22nd July 2019
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Recent research* has found that 34% of employees in larger organisations say that management rarely or never listen to them or address their ideas and only 7% of employees felt they were always listened to.  57% of employees often felt afraid to voice ideas to management about how their role could be improved.

36% of survey participants stated their organisation did not have a process in place to address employee ideas and 35% were unsure if there is process in place.

The research shows a clear engagement gap between what employees need from management in order to feel listened to and what management systems are in place to track and react to this opportunity for improvement.

The research clearly shows that active listening by management followed up by action is key to raising engagement levels and making employees happier and more valued.

Employees were asked how they would like to submit their ideas and the most popular were:

  • Suggestions boxes
  • Direct interaction with the management team 

It is important for each organisation to identity the approach that works best for them and their workforce.  But increasing face to face contact between management and employees of all levels through regular team meetings, tool box talks and informal 1-2-1 chats that give each employee and opportunity to voice opinions and raise suggestions for improvement are vital. 

However just capturing the ideas and suggestions is not enough.  Management must also record and review each idea and then implement the suggestion or where that is not possible to then feedback to the employee on the reasons why. 

Without closing the feedback circle there is a risk that engagement may be undermined.

*research undertaken by Vevox (IT & Services company)

Source: Gavin Parrott


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