Sexual Harassment Case Pays £270,000

Sexual Harassment Case Pays £270,000

  • Date: Wednesday 17th April 2019
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Nathalie Abildgaard celebrated a deal completion with her colleagues from a London-based investment firm, when things turned creepy.

Later that night, senior executive Frederic Michel-Verdier allegedly made advances, and eventually texted Nathalie his room number, inviting her to come over.

Abildgaard resigned from the firm a month later, losing out on her annual bonus.

Her David-and-Goliath battle accumulated nearly £100,000 in legal and court fees but was now settled by the firm, wanting to avoid further charges.

Reportedly, both sides are happy with the arrangement, which excludes a usually attached confidentiality clause, enabling Abildgaard to talk about her experience in public.

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The morale of the story?

Don’t forget that a work-do is not a drink amongst friends! Senior managers, in particular, must realise that their actions may have grave consequences in the light of day.

Source: Manuela Grossmann

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