Virgin Dress Code Relaxed - What Should Other Companies Do?

Virgin Dress Code Relaxed - What Should Other Companies Do?

  • Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019
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In a recent high-profile story, Virgin Atlantic announced they were relaxing their previously strict dress code for female flight attendants. Wearing make-up and a skirt whilst on duty are no longer deemed mandatory.   Female Virgin Atlantic employees had previously been required to attend a so called “groom school” before they could work on passenger flights. However, the change represents a move in the company’s corporate branding that now allows employees to be themselves. Virgin have identified that by allowing employees greater choice in how they express themselves at work it will help the organisation achieve its stated aim of being “the most loved travel company.”

What are the lessons for employers?

Companies that create an environment that makes people comfortable, rather than having a strict set of rules and procedures on uniforms, can benefit from increased employee engagement, reduced labour turnover, reduced absence and increasing diversity.

Giving employees a choice on dress and appearance can empower your teams and enable an environment which can increase your productivity.

Source: Gavin Parrott, SSG

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