Four-Day Week Trial Shows "Huge" Boost In Employee Productivity

Four-Day Week Trial Shows "Huge" Boost In Employee Productivity

  • Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019
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A New Zealand based firm has recently trialled a four-day working week and found that productivity increased by 20%.  Additionally, the company reported an increase in staff wellbeing with a reduction in stress levels and an increase in profits. 

In the UK, The Welcome Trust has announced that it is considering moving the 800 staff in its head office on to a four-day pattern in an effort to boost productivity and improve work-life balance. 

Pressure in the UK is growing in organisations to adopt a shorter working week. The TUC (Trades Unions Congress) also had their say last year by calling for a reduction in working hours in the UK by citing that research showed almost half of workers want a four-day week.

However, before employers move to offer their employees a four-day week there is a need for caution.  Smaller companies that have previously experimented with four-day weeks did find an initial performance boost for the first few weeks, but these tended to tail off slightly after the initial excitement at the new scheme had passed.  

Source: Gavin Parrott, SSG

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