Three Simple Staff Appreciation Ideas

Three Simple Staff Appreciation Ideas

  • Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019
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Recognition is a key tool to boost employee morale, increase engagement and help retain your key talent.  The good news is that changing your culture to one that embraces recognition does not have to be complicated. 

Our tips for recognition are:

1. Acknowledge Personal Milestones

During their employment with your organisation employees will reach personal milestones and a good way to show appreciation is by acknowledging the events as they occur.  From work anniversaries, birthdays and engagements to marriage, moving house and the arrival of children there are numerous life events that can be acknowledged by employers.

Each employer should determine their own list of milestones to recognise but by taking the time to acknowledge the events shows that you see the employees as unique people in their own right.  The recognition can be as simple as a verbal or written acknowledgement and will be a step to show the individual is valued.

2. Be Flexible

A good work/life balance is really important and can be enabled by organisations through a flexible working culture. Employers can allow employees to work remotely or offer the option of flexible hours (where practical).  By providing these options employees can fit work around their lives, giving them balance and showing that an you care about their wellbeing.

Adopting a flexible workplace culture can be considered as a form of employee recognition, because it shows that you trust, value and appreciate employees enough to reduce the control you have over their working patterns.

Being flexible is therefore a positive indication that you appreciate your employees and it will go a long way. Organisations with flexible working cultures tend to have lower stress levels among their employees too.

3. Reward Achievements

Rewards also go a long way in the work place and indicate appreciation. Whether it is a bottle of wine, chocolates or a duvet day, giving your employees something that represents your appreciation is powerful because it provides them with a reminder that their achievements are recognised and valued.

You could do this when an employee reaches a sales target, or when an employee goes above and beyond for a customer – whatever you consider an achievement, reward your employees.

Source: Gavin Parrott, SSG

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