How To Help Your Interview Candidates Relax

How To Help Your Interview Candidates Relax

  • Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019
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Interviews are all about getting to understand a candidate and establishing if they will be a fit for your organisation.  This is not only from a skills and knowledge perspective but also to see if they will fit in with your team and the culture you are building.  It is therefore important to know how to help candidates relax into the interview so that you can observe their personality and understand how they will behave should they become an employee.

Key tips to help relax a candidate

  • Consider your setting as the interview room gives the candidate and insight into the organisation.  If you have an informal culture the interview can be held in a quiet corner of the canteen or a relaxed sofa area.
  • Try to be the first person to greet the candidate on arrival with a welcoming smile and the offer of a hot or cold drink.
  • On your way to the interview room introduce the candidate to colleagues as you walk past them.
  • Ask the candidate about their journey and what their plans are for the rest of the day.
  • Once in the interview room, make clear introductions so the candidate is familiar with the role of each interviewer and they know exactly who they are talking to.
  • Start with an overview of the interview structure and approach so the candidate knows what to expect.
  • Be encouraging as this will allow candidates to speak more freely.
  • Keep question wording clear and concise.  Consider if the term and expressions you are using will be understood by those outside of your organisation.
  • After the interview consider take candidates on a quick tour of the office and give them some guidance on the next steps should they be successful.

Source: Gavin Parrot, SSG

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