'Gay Cake' Case Overturned

'Gay Cake' Case Overturned

  • Date: Tuesday 18th December 2018
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You may remember the case of the Irish bakery that refused to bake a cake for gay rights activist Gareth Lee back in 2014?

The Christian owners cancelled and refunded the order for the cake, which was supposed to display the lettering ‘Support Gay Marriage’.

Lee claimed discrimination and won.

The bakery owners filed an appeal but lost.

Now, however, the supreme court ruled that discrimination could not be substantiated.

In a surprising turn of events, Lady Hale pointed out that the bakery owners did not refuse Lee’s order because of his sexual orientation. They refused because they disagreed with the slogan on the cake and therefore discrimination against a PERSONAL characteristic could not be established.

A total of £350K (of public and charity money) have been spent on this case, which will set clearer guidance for future disputes, relating to religion vs sexual orientation.

Source: Manuela Grossmann, SSG




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