Christmas Site Shutdown

Christmas Site Shutdown

  • Date: Friday 14th December 2018

Our offices will remain open until the 24th December and will return on the 2nd January 2019.

Before closing sites, contractors should carry out checks to ensure loose material is secure and scaffolding is properly supported. It should be checked particularly in light of the recent bad weather.

If the site will be closed for a significant period, it may be sensible to arrange for regular checks to take place to ensure that the site remains safe and secure. The below HSE links provide useful guidance:

Children often see poorly guarded sites as playgrounds, so contractors should do all they can to help prevent them gaining access in the first place.  They should also ensure that potentially dangerous areas such as deep excavations are secure.

In addition, some advice for those working outdoor as the weather turns colder.

Please note that during this period you can still contact us on 01752 201616 as the lines will be diverted to a team members for any emergencies.

We do hope this helps with your holiday plans. 

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