Young Women Fear Losing Their Job if They Report Sexual Harassment

Young Women Fear Losing Their Job if They Report Sexual Harassment

  • Date: Friday 28th September 2018
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A survey by the Young Women’s Trust has found that 15% of young women (aged 18 to 30) had been sexually harassed at work and 24% of young women would be reluctant to report sexual harassment in the workplace. 

The most common reasons for young women not to report incidents was a fear of losing their job or being offered fewer hours because the harassment was by senior employees or managers.

Other recent reports have highlighted that there is a lack of knowledge amongst young women on how to report sexual harassment which highlights an alarming awareness gap within organisations today.

What can employers do to address sexual harassment?

  • Ensure you have a Harassment-Free Workplace Policy
  • Ensure the policy is readily accessible at all times
  • Conduct annual awareness training on harassment, equality and diversity with employees and managers.  Give examples of inappropriate behaviour and talk through the impact these can have on colleagues
  • Clearly explain how an employee can report harassment
  • Have a no-retaliation approach to claims made in good faith
  • Maintain a zero-tolerance culture to all forms of harassment
  • Hold leaders and supervisors to account for role modelling correct behaviours
  • Have an open-door approach to enable concerns to be raised


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