3 Things to Do in August

3 Things to Do in August

  • Date: Monday 23rd July 2018
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1.       Check progress on your objectives

We are nearly halfway through the financial year and if you have set yourself personal and business goals, now is the time to make sure you are still on track.  For most businesses things slow down over the summer, so take a few moments to evaluate your efforts so far and make adjustments where needed.

2.       Book a party

If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time to plan and book your Christmas party!  Once the summer holiday season is out the way the number of spaces left will be rapidly booked and prices will soar. Stuck for ideas on what to do? Ask your staff! They might surprise you with their creativity.  And yes, here at SSG the party is already booked (we rebooked just a week after the 2017 event!).

3.       Review your recruitment plan

Autumn often sees a surge in recruitment because everyone is preparing to train and integrate new talent in preparation for the coming year. Don’t miss out on good candidates by failing to plan.  If you can foresee the need to recruit, invest some time into reviewing your job descriptions and planning the selection process.

Source: SSG, Gavin Parrott

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