Things to Watch out for when Conducting an Interview

Things to Watch out for when Conducting an Interview

  • Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018
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All our members will know how much importance the SSG HR team place on the value of the interview process.  The interview is your most important opportunity to find out if the candidate’s skills and personality are a good fit for the job.  It is important to ask the right questions and watch how they answer them.  Here are some things to look out for at that all important first meeting with a potential new employee:

Candidate Behaviour

If the candidate is sitting up straight and leaning forward it is a first indication that they are relaxed, confident and engaged in the conversation.  Full participation in the conversation by actively listening and responding to questions asked demonstrates a good candidate and a confident communicator.

Team and Organisational Fit

Consider if the candidate is a fit for your business objectives, ethics and culture.  Does the candidate offer a quality lacked by the rest of the team that will complement and enhance what you already have?  Remember the candidate that provides answers that you would not give at interview will be better placed to tell you what you don’t want to hear and give ideas that others in the team might not think of.

Answering the Question

Be creative with the questions that you ask.  If you ask standard questions you will probably get pre-prepared answers from the candidate.  Consider asking scenario based questions or asking how they would solve a problem as this will show how they can think on their feet.

Did They Ask You Questions?

You should expect every candidate to ask questions.  If their questions relate to items discussed during the interview it demonstrates they were listening and engaged.  However, if the questions only relate to subjects such as money and holiday they are most likely seeking a job rather than a career.  Is this what you want from a new hire?


A well dressed and groomed candidate who arrives on time demonstrates a strong sign of their respect for you, the organization and their level of commitment.

Recruiter Interview Preparation

As the recruiter, ensure you spend the right amount of time preparing for the interview by putting together the question set and supporting documentation that you can talk through.  It is often too easy to spend lengthy periods of time reviewing applications and shortlisting candidates without doing the right interview preparation. 


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