Employees Feeling Undervalued - The Impact to your Business

Employees Feeling Undervalued - The Impact to your Business

  • Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018
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A recent study has found that feelings of being undervalued have contributed to a dip in the UK’s productivity growth.  A quarter of surveyed UK employees claim they are unproductive for two hours per day.  But what is causing these feelings and how can you increase productivity in your organisation?

Undervalued Employees

40% of surveyed employees felt their work was not valued by their bosses and women felt less valued than men.

Lack of Management Focus

Employees identified serious productivity issues within their organisations that managers and supervisors were not doing enough to resolve. 

Negative Workplaces

The majority of employees surveyed stated that their work environment had a detrimental impact on their health.  46% claimed their employers did not care about their wellbeing and cited a lack of correct tools, equipment and facilities as evidence of this.


The biggest distractions to employees that are causes of low productivity include:

1.       Talking to colleagues

2.       Emails

3.       Mobile phones

4.       Unwanted questions

How to Increase Productivity?

What can you do to increase productivity in your organisation?  The survey recommended:

  • Providing good equipment
  • Attending fewer meetings
  • Reducing the working week to four days (77% of 16-24 year olds claimed this would increase their productivity. This finding provides a clear indication to employers that they need to consider adapting the working hours of the current younger generation as they advance through their careers).
  • Increasing employee control and autonomy over their work
  • Enabling employees to have a say on how their work is carried out

Sources: Recent research undertaken by Fellowes, EEF and Westfield Health




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