How Teambuilding Can Benefit your Business

How Teambuilding Can Benefit your Business

  • Date: Friday 20th April 2018
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Remember the days when corporate entertainment first hit the scene?

Many of us were inundated with offers from workshop providers, suggesting that our team morale would be boosted by tree climbing, sumo wrestling or hair-raising trust exercises, usually involving zip wires or obstacle courses.

Whilst some of us may have been enthused by the prospect of mud wrestling or attending group therapy sessions, most were put off by horrendous costs, uncomfortable conversations and the mostly physical nature of the exercises.

Today, team building seems to have taken a back seat, with many organisations focussing on the job in hand, rather than the state of their team dynamics.

Spending loads of cash on huge days out may not be the answer, we have over the years seen the impact that reduced focus on team building can have.

A well-managed team works hand-in-hand and this is undoubtedly made easier if we all get on, not only on a professional but also on a personal level. Granted, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this with all your team members. But a good first step is to establish common ground between individuals.

Here are a few suggestions for quick and easy teambuilding exercises:

Nominate a charity

Fundraising is a great opportunity to bring people together and to develop your profile as an employer who demonstrates social responsibility. Try entering fun races, local events or ask your team to come up with a fundraising challenge. Encouraging employees to engage over this during working hours shows you are happy to devote time to a good cause and are also supportive of interpersonal relationship development.

Open your office to after-hours activities

This may require some logistical effort, but if you have your own premises, after hours activities can be a great way to connect. Host your own pub quiz. Do a yoga class. Or start a choir! Studies have shown that singing is a great way to boost morale:

Hit the park…or the pub

Business owners and managers can often find it hard to make time to connect. But taking your team out for a quick drink or light lunch doesn’t have to cost the earth and often requires no more than an hour of your time. Don’t make this a big deal. Simply nominate a day and time and organise the basics. Be clear on what will be provided. And try not to ‘talk shop’!

Think outside the Christmas-Party-Box

Many organisations have Christmas parties that are not well attended because teams are not engaged. If you have to talk people into giving up their spare time to enjoy a free party, you should re-think what you’re doing. Would people prefer a summer outing, possibly involving BBQs or camping? Would they like to bring their partners? Are you picking a suitable location or are people stuck searching for lifts home? Are you expecting people to pay for their own drinks / food…can they afford it?

 Source: Manuela Grossmann, SSG

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