Maximise Your Personal and Team Productivity

Maximise Your Personal and Team Productivity

  • Date: Tuesday 20th March 2018
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How do you encourage your employees to change their habits in a way that will lead to increased individual and collective effectiveness? As a manager there are many tips and tricks that you can adopt and share with your team which will keep performance at optimum levels throughout the day.

1. Minimise Meetings

Meetings are recognised as probably the biggest pull on employee time yet we are all guilty of scheduling them. Consider whether alternatives such as a phone call, video conference/skype or e-mail with actions and objectives would be a more efficient use of both your time and that of other attendees.

2. Hold Stand-up Meetings

If you have to have a meeting, then consider a stand-up meeting to help keep the meeting short and increase attention levels of attendees.

3. Complete Your Trickiest Tasks When You Are Most Alert

Understand the time of the day when you are most focused and deal with the most difficult tasks at that optimum time. We are all different, but the key is to work out the best time for you and work around it to give yourself the best opportunity to be as effective as possible.

4. Avoid Multi-tasking

Trying to complete more than one task at any given time can result in lost time and productivity.  Aim to focus on one task and complete it before moving on.

5. Delegate Effectively

Use delegation to gain more time to do your own work. Remember to assign the right task to the right person - someone you can trust, with the appropriate skills to achieve the desired outcome.

6. Turn Off Notifications

Allocate set times throughout the day to check and respond to e-mails rather than receiving distracting notifications throughout the day.

7. Prepare a To Do List for the Next Working Day

Note the priorities for the next working day before you go home. This will help you start the next day with a set of clear priorities to be achieved. 

8. Don’t Forget to Sleep!

A lack of sleep will negatively impact on performance, concentration and reasoning. Research by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that the average person should be aiming for between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

Source: Symposium

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