Crackdown on Unpaid Internships

Crackdown on Unpaid Internships

  • Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
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In a bid to put a stop to worker exploitation, the Government has sent over 550 warning letters to employers across the UK and is setting up enforcement teams to audit organisations.

Over 70,000 unpaid internships are offered across the UK each year.  Often interns should in fact be classed as fixed term workers and paid the National Minimum Wage.

An internship can only be unpaid if:

  • There are no prospects of a job at the end of the placement.
  • The internship is a school placement for a person of compulsory school age.
  • The individual is a volunteer at a charitable organisation.
  • The intern work shadows. In this case, you will have to ensure that they are merely there to observe, assist and learn.

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