3 Things to do in February

3 Things to do in February

  • Date: Monday 22nd January 2018
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3 things to do in February 2018

  • Consider an Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Surveys can provide you with greater insight into why people work for you, how you can improve things and if your managers are representing you appropriately.  Surveys don’t have to be complicated or expensive, as long as they are well thought out and confidential.  Don’t forget to plan in plenty of time for completion and set yourself a deadline for feeding back results.

  • Development Plans

Last month you will have set out your goals and objectives for 2018.  But is your team ready to deliver on these goals?  Do the skills exist in your business to meet the objectives you need to achieve this year?  Consider your goals and how you will bridge the skills gap to achieve them.  Now is the time to sit down with your team members and agree what development they require to meet the needs of the business and also to enable their personal growth within your organisation. 

  • Annual Driving Licence Check

Each year we remind all our customers to conduct a check of the driving licence details for all employees that drive company vehicles or drive on behalf of the organisation as part of their role.  For many employers with Company vehicles this is an annual (or semi-annual) requirement by Fleet providers for insurance purposes.

To complete this process ask your employee to visit the DVLA website:


Once on the site, employees should follow the on-line instructions to generate a unique code (valid for 21 days) that they can pass to their employer which will enable the licence check to be completed.  Employees will need their driving licence number and national insurance number to complete the code generation.

Source: Gavin Parrott, SSG

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