Foster Carer Claims Worker Status

Foster Carer Claims Worker Status

  • Date: Friday 20th October 2017
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Sarah Anderson, a foster carer for Hampshire County Council, has submitted a worker status and unpaid holiday claim.

“As foster care workers we are exploited, have no rights whatsoever and are treated as a disposable workforce, when society needs carers more than ever,” said Anderson. “We can’t advocate or look after our children properly if our rights aren’t recognised and protected.”

Anderson argues that foster carers should be awarded holiday and sick pay, as well as pension rights.

This claim is the latest in a string of controversial court cases, questioning the relationship between employers, workers, employees and contractors.

Previous case law exists, confirming that foster carer relationships should not be considered under worker status.

However, the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) challenges this decision by arguing that foster carers are often highly qualified, rigidly supervised and reliant on care as their main source of income.

We shall keep you updated on this case, as it may raise further questions on how we deal with team members who sit outside of the worker status, be this as volunteers or contractors.



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