TUC Fights for Equal Pay for Young Workers

TUC Fights for Equal Pay for Young Workers

  • Date: Friday 20th October 2017
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‘In-work-poverty’ is a new phenomenon particularly affecting young workers.

With the pay gap widening between over 25 year-olds and their 21 – 24 year old counterparts, the TUC is now fighting for young workers to receive fair wages for comparable work.

The current government’s aim is to increase the National Living Wage to £9 per hour by 2020, although this will only apply to those over 25 years old.

Although SMEs in particular suffer the impact of rising labour costs, one should also consider the rising cost of living, especially in more urban areas. (Did you know that London workers are now statistically the poorest workers in the UK, because of their living and commuting costs?)

We will see the next national increase of minimum rates in April 2018.

However, legislative requirements aside, employers should consider awarding pay that reflects the employee’s contribution to the organisation, regardless of their age.

By paying fair wages, organisations can attract better talent and increase retention and engagement. Not to mention the positive impact a healthy pay cheque can have on the employees’ general well-being!



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