Look After the Mental Health of Your Employees

Look After the Mental Health of Your Employees

  • Date: Wednesday 30th August 2017
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Latest statistics show that one in four of us are affected by mental health issues.  To put it into real terms: if you employ 40 people, 10 of them are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, other common mental health disorders or stress.


Why should I care?

Firstly, we all have a moral duty to each other and if you have ever been in a position where one of your employee’s health declined due to mental illness, you will understand how much of a strain this can put on everyone involved.

Of course, any illness is bound to result in sickness absence at some point, so early intervention can in many cases prevent long term leave.

Lastly, productivity is highest in happy workplaces. If you, as an employer, are being seen to care about your team, you are likely to boost morale, commitment and performance.


What should I do?

Promoting good mental health is easier than you think:

  • Raise awareness by talking about mental health and offering support. Don’t feel that by raising the issue you are waking a sleeping dog – quite the opposite!  People with underlying complaints will feel better for being able to speak up and fakers will soon be put off by having proper conversations that might expose them.   Don’t know where to start? Educate yourself and speak to experts like MIND: https://www.mind.org.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz_TMBRD0ARIsADfk7hR9I-ohr9xUoCip-AXsLqWUzTlF9KLw6MI_Rzcox6EQTJCCPOFcnPAaAoHIEALw_wcB
  • Promote good habits such as taking breaks (!), healthy eating and exercise.  Encourage participation in sporting events (Did you know that we at SSG are entering a Dragon Boat Race this year?), and car-free commuting.  If you want to take it one step further, introduce wellbeing initiatives like massages, mindfulness workshops or meditation as a fun way to engage.
  • Don’t look away where problems surface. And don’t make assumptions: we are all different and you can’t expect everybody to deal with things the same way you would.  Like with any other illness, it is important to remain in contact if somebody is off sick, even though this can be a little harder to arrange when dealing with certain conditions.  Ask for advice – call us! Your Advisor Consultant will be happy to assist.




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